Beyond the Mirror (aka: Goth) Feature film 2017 color 90 min DCP




Julia moves with her family to the farm of her dead sister. Soon, scary things start happening that make her doubt her sanity. One day she sees her son go into the forest, but when he returns, he doesn't seem to be the same ...  (Skalar Film GmbH)



Best Thriller "Movie Park Action and Adventure International Film Festival" Los Angeles, Nomination Max-Ophüls-Preis 2018 - Saarbrücken, Nomination Creative Energy Award - Internationales Filmfest Emden, Nomination NDR-Nachwuchsfilmpreis - Internationales Filmfest Emden.


  Julia Hartmann, Bernhard Piesk, Oskar von Schönfels, 
Production:   Skalar Film GmbH Rike Steyer
Director:   Nils Loof
Screenplay:   Ingo Lechner, Jens Pantreing
DOP:   Marius von Felbert
Sound:   Dirk Diedrich 
Music:   Pit Przygodda
Sound Design:   Clemens Endreß
Line Producer:   Jan Philip Lange
Set Design:   Ulrike Glandorf
Costume:   Kai Rudat
Editing:   Lars Jordan


Supported by Nordmedia, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig - Holstein

NDR: Daniela Mussgiller
World distribution: Studio Hamburg Enterprises
World premiere: 24.01.2018 - Filmfestival - Max - Ophüls - Preis 2018.
"Self-aware and stylishly staged horror thriller that wrings an exciting and original variation from its often exhausted plot. In its effective use of setting, the film excels as much as in its creative sophistication."
"Excellent mystery - thriller that pulls out all the stops of the genre with great skill."
"A stellar hour in cinema format with Julia Hartmann in the leading role, which captivates until the last second."
ray filmmagazin austria - online
 "A striking number of productions in this festival year revolved around maladjusted and psychologically deformed young women and girls, including Beyond the Mirror, a rare German horror film with aspirations. The dark forest, an eerie house, a schizophrenic twin sister and a hooded man who demonizes children according to an old legend: Skillfully juggles Nils Loof, the director of this film, with familiar elements and topoi of this genre."
Saarländischer Rundfunk
"Director Nils Loof and his two screenwriters Ingo Lechner and Jens Pantring prove that good genre cinema can also come from Germany with their stylish gothic horror flick Beyond the Mirror."
Saarbrücker Zeitung
"Mystery films do not have a great tradition in Germany. All the more astonishing that with Beyond the Mirror by Nils Loof there is now a horror film in the competition that then actually works. For genre-experienced probably rather horror-light, it teaches the rest of us quite skillfully the fear."

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