Feature film 2015 color 80 min DCP dolby surround (FSK age 12+)



The unsuccessful actor Frederic is in a life crisis. He promptly opens a wine store with his girlfriend Alissa - and proposes to her. But shortly before the wedding, Frederic meets Julia, who is having an affair herself, but is secretly looking for a relationship. A flirtatious game develops between the protagonists.



  Rainer Frank, Natalie O`Hara, Julia Schmalbrock, Thorsten Nindel, Richard Hladik, Fabienne Hollwege
Production:   Nils Loof Film
Director:   Nils Loof
Screenplay:   Nils Loof
DOP:   Tom Bresinsky
Sound:   Dirk Diedrich Sound mixing: Dirk Austen
Music:   Jens Windeler
Title song:   Jan Müller
Line Producer:   Andrea Giesel
Set Design:   Mona Lühring, Mercedes Wagner
Costume:   Kay Rudat


Make up:


Nils Loof

Yvone Oppermann


Financial support from Nordmedia GmbH



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