JUNIFILM since 01 August 2018 in Hannover!

JUNIFILM produces feature films, documentaries, reports and new media programming.


Already as students at the Film University Babelsberg "Konrad Wolf", Jan Philip Lange, Anke Hartwig and Niklas Bäumer founded JUNIFILM GmbH in March 2002, which emerged from Daisy Film GbR, which was constituted in June 2001. By 2012, nine productions had been made - from commercials and a children's series episode to feature films that won various festival awards. Even in the first productions - under directors such as Norbert Baumgarten, Franziska Meletzky, Matthias Luthardt and others - well-known actors and actresses such as Axel Prahl, Florian Lukas, Dagmar Manzel, Jörg Schüttauf, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Stefan Kurt and many more took part.
In August 2018, the initiator of Junifilm, Jan Philip Lange, took over the company as the main shareholder and moved the headquarters to his home state of Lower Saxony. Here, where Lange's film work began back in 1989, JUNIFILM aims to establish itself as a producer of films in a variety of genres.
Other shareholders of Junifilm are Nils Loof, author, director, producer and professor at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Media, Information and Design), Cineteam Hannover GmbH, which has been established in Lower Saxony for about 40 years, and furthermore the original co-founders Anke Hartwig and Niklas Bäumer.
Lower Saxony offers good conditions for the production of fictional and non-fictional films - also due to the regional film and media promotion nordmedia as well as the state broadcaster NDR. Especially in the fictional area, Junifilm will develop and realize projects from Lower Saxony - of course also beyond the state borders and for a national and international audience.
In doing so, JUNIFILM relies on three pillars:
In-house productions
Co-productions, national and international
Production services for foreign producers and clients
A close cooperation exists with the Hamburg-based Skalar Film and its producer Rike Steyer. "North German projects", which are produced in the transnational region of Schleswig-Holstein - Hamburg - Lower Saxony, are to be realized as joint ventures. (Info: Junifilm)





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