Film - students were successful again in 2016!

The media design department was successfully represented at festivals and competitions last year.

"Bertold Brecht Sonnet No. 19" by Janine Schneeweiß at the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2016. More than 1,100 entries from 86 countries were sent in for the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster / Berlin. The program commission nominated 80 of them for the competitions. Four prizes will be awarded by the three-member international jury this year. The 3-minute film "Bertolt Brecht Sonett Nr. 19" by Janine Schneeweiß ran in the program "Dreiklang-Dimensionen" and mixes dance and performance into a homogeneous unit. The realization took place in the summer of 2016 at the Filmstudio der der Hochschule Hannover.
On November 25, 2016, the award ceremony for the video clip competition of the "Typing Kills" campaign took place at Planet MID on the Expo grounds in Hanover. Daniela Behrens, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transport and member of the Supervisory Board of nordmedia, Heiner Bartling, President of Landesverkehrswacht Niedersachsen e.V. and Police Director Gerd Lewin presented the awards. Patrycja Krohn, Renja Schmakeit and Marcel Dörre, who won the competition with their video clip "Nur ein Augenblick" (Just a moment), were delighted to receive prize money of 1,500 euros. The check was presented to them by State Secretary Daniela Behrens. But there were also great prizes for second and third place: Marie-Luise Rothacker, who took second place with her video clip "Concentration in Traffic," won an overnight stay at the Ritz-Carlton, as well as a driving safety training course at the Autostadt Wolfsburg, sponsored by VW. The prize was presented by the President of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dr. Josef von Helden. Third place went to Catherine Wenk and her video clip "Typing at the wheel destroys your life." She thus won an educational voucher from the Linden Media Workshop, which was presented to her by Police Commissioner Gerd Lewin. (Source: Nordmedia)
On November 15, Constantin Maier's short feature film "Irgendwohin" aired at 0:35 a.m. on NDR television. The 10-minute comedy is about Daniel, Daniel is angry. His girlfriend, Eva, has just broken up with him, via text message. He can't take that lying down. Armed with Eva's stuffed bears and favorite chocolate, he knocks on her door and begins a desperate attempt to win her back. When the door is finally opened for him, he can't believe his eyes. A strange woman stands grinning before him ...
"Irgendwohin" premiered at the Landshut Short Film Festival in 2015 and screened at "Shorts at Moonlight Frankfurt" and "Filmfest Weiterstadt", among others. It also won awards at the "SPITZiale Espelkamp" and the "FilmFestSpezial".

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