CPUT X HSH "Summer Academy for Sustainability in Cape Town 2022"

From 12 to 16 September 2022, the first joint Summer School of the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town took place. 

The theme "Sustainability" was the focus of the workshops in which fashion design, media design and journalism students from Germany and South Africa took part. Under the guidance of the lecturers from both universities, sustainable collections, articles and a music video were created in which the students from both countries had the opportunity to be inspired and to learn new working methods. The film students used the fashion collections as costumes and realised a music video with the local musician Luando. Parts of the video were shot with a 50-year-old Bolex Super 16mm film camera with old film material. A special feature here is that the camera works without electricity and is driven by a spring mechanism. Thus, the topic of "sustainability" was also intensively discussed in the run-up to and during the realisation of this production. The journalism students from the universities researched and produced articles on "sustainability" and the Summerschool themselves and published them on the homepage of the cooperation between the universities (https://cputhsh.wordpress.com/summer-academy-2022/). The workshops were embedded in a programme of lectures and discussion events, visits to local radio and television stations, museums and a visit by the advertising director Felix Seuffert. 

A total of up to 60 students and lecturers took part in the event. From Hanover, 17 students had the opportunity to travel to South Africa. The participating CPUT lecturers were Anja Venter, Annadine Vlok, Walther Buchholz, Eran Tahor and Charles King. Martina Glomb, Beatrix Landsbek, Hans - Peter Fischer and Nils Loof supervised the projects on the part of the HSH.

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